Newseum Washington DC

declaration of independenceNews junkies will be drawn like moths to a light bulb to the Newseum in Washington, D.C. This spectacular museum overflows with a wide array of eye-opening exhibits, such as the News Corporation News History Gallery, the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery, and the Bloomberg Internet, TV and Radio Gallery. 

The News Corporation News History Gallery features a wide-ranging collection of historic newspapers and magazines, journalistic artifacts and personal memorabilia, and five theaters showing news-related videos. Examine amazing award-winning photos, everything from World War II to the Oklahoma City booming to 9/11, at the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery and read interviews with the photographers. Follow the evolution of media at the Bloomberg Internet, TV and Radio Gallery where two 25-foot-high media walls command your attention with important past images from television news, a multimedia timeline, recent trends in digital news, and a tribute to Edward R. Murrow.


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