June is National Safety Month 2017

Did you know that injuries are a leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 1 and 44? Even worse, many injuries on the road and in the workplace are preventable. June was designated National Safety Month by the National Safety Council to spread the word about injury prevention and create safer communities.

The Focus of National Safety Month in June 2017

National Safety Month is a time when people can remind friends, family members, and coworkers to be safe. Of course, safety is a broad concept – where should you start if you want to observe the month?

A few ideas:

  • Safe dosage of medication, both over-the-counter and prescription
  • Safe practices while driving, walking, biking, and taking public transit
  • Learning first aid and other safety strategies in the event of an emergency
  • Creating a safe environment that prevents slips, trips, and falls.

How to get the word out about National Safety Month 2017

No matter which type of safety you think is most necessary in your network, it’s important to have the right resources to educate people.

The National Safety Council offers free materials including tips, posters, and graphics about how to prevent falls, what to do in an active shooter situation, and more. If you have children or elderly parents, consider having a conversation with them about how to stay safe while walking or driving.

You can also use social media to help people understand safety practices. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has created some sample tweets as well as a web badge for users on their National Safety Month website.

Staying Safe in Bethesda

The American Inn of Bethesda is a dedicated partner to both the Bethesda community and the greater D.C. region. We offer discounted rates to emergency response workers and use our premises as a point of shelter during times of extreme crisis. We encourage our guests to be safe while staying with us, and require our team to abide by policies that will contribute to the safety and security of the entire community.