Discover the Best Eateries in Bethesda with Bingo

In the past couple of years, the local food scene has taken Washington, DC by storm, consistently introducing innovative dining concepts in the area to become what Vanity Fair calls one of the country’s booming culinary centers. But it isn’t just DC that received a gastronomic makeover as the explosion of food culture has been spotted all across the nation in the past decade, from health food capitals like LA to the buzzworthy restaurants of Montgomery County in Maryland, especially in Bethesda.

One person who has contributed massively to the elevating palettes of Bethesda is Chef Robert Wiedmaier, owner of the mini-empire RW Restaurant Group with eateries across Maryland, the District and Virginia. Having recently opened Urban Heights, his rooftop restaurant with “spiffy cocktails and an Asian-inspired menu to draw in customers,” as told by Bethesda Magazine, is his fourth establishment in the area that has given Bethesda a taste of elegance and the world, which brings excitement to the tastebuds of local residents and visitors alike.

Urban Heights is just one of the places that we recommend out-of-towners to try. But with so many amazing new places to eat, what would be the best way to discover this ever-evolving food scene.

A bingo game might be helpful in this circumstance. After all, the game does lend itself to so many themes, allowing us to experiment with bingo in a myriad of ways. From the pop culture trending titles of Gala Bingo as well as their Teddy Bear’s Picnic and Sugar Train titles to healthy food education that comes with Eatwell Bingo, the game demonstrates various uses to work towards our benefit, whether it would be merely for entertainment or for other lifestyle purposes.

This version of bingo is simple. Pick 25 different restaurants in the area that sparks your interest. As a guide, you may refer to our Dining section. Next, organize these items on a bingo card either using an online generator or creating your own. Use this as somewhat of a bucket list of dining options in Bethesda, and have your friends make their own cards so you can play together. Remember to cross off every item once you’ve eaten there, and whoever gets a pattern first should be treated to a free meal.